Front Street, Arnold, in 1993

September 28, 2008 at 9:29 pm | Posted in Then and Now | 5 Comments

I recently rediscovered some photographs I took in about 1993 of Front Street in Arnold.

Today I took pictures from the same positions (as near as I could get) to show how much Arnold has changed in the last 15 years.

Front Street,  Arnold, Nottingham c1993

This picture shows the junction of Worrall Avenue and Front Street, just after the demolition of Suttons Farm – the last farmhouse on Front Street to go.

And the same view today:

Front Street,  Arnold, Nottingham 2008

Front Street, Arnold, Nottingham  c1993

The view down Front Street from Arnold market in about 1993.

Today it looks like this:

Front Street, Arnold, Nottingham 2008

Front Street, Arnold, Nottingham c1993

Looking down towards King George V playing fields. Arnold market is on the left.

And today:

Front Street, Arnold, Nottingham 2008


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  1. The demolished house from the first pic was the home of one of Arnold’s most distinguished residents, Dr. Daniel Stenhouse.

    From the Stenhouse Centre web site:

    “The surgery is named after Dr Daniel Stenhouse, who was the first doctor in our practice.

    Dr Stenhouse was born in Auchterarder, Scotland, in 1848 and graduated from Edinburgh University in 1876. He married Mary Worrall of Arnold and was a Medical Missionary in Chu Chia Province in China until 1886, working for the New Connection Methodist Church. In 1886 he became a general practitioner in Arnold and practised from Ebenezer House, which was the old farmhouse at the bottom of Worrall Avenue, until 1897. He then moved to live and practise from Arnold House, Church Street until his death in 1916.”

  2. That’s fantastic Stuart – thank you for the extra info. I knew about The Doctor’s house on Church Street, but I didn’t know that the farmhouse was his first residence.

  3. What a fantastic blog. It’s such a shame to see how Arnold has been ‘let go’. It used to be such a thriving market town – I would have been 11 when those phoeos were taken (I lived there almost my entire life, before moving to London) – every time I go home, I find the downward spiral of the town very upsetting and start plotting the many letters that I’m going to write to MPs and council members.

  4. My family moved to Arnold in 1942. I went to High Street Infants School, then to Front Street British Junior Boys, then to Robert Mellors Senior Boys. I left Robert Mellors at 13 to attend the Secondary Art School in Nottingham.
    I have been back to Arnold off and on over the years and even making allowance for the inevitable changes due to age (mine and Arnold’s) I find it more and more to be a place ‘in another country ‘. Probably becoming part of Gedling did not help. There used to be a man called Cave, he had a garage on Nottingham Road, who worked so hard to make Arnold a significant small town. Does anyone remember him?? Ron. Oct 2012

    • Hi everyone,
      my name is Rob and I do remember Cave’s garage more than the owner, although I have seen him many times. I have a friend called Peter and his father bought caves garage when the owner retired. Peter and myself both live in Perth, western Australia but we still have fond memories of Arnold and Daybrook. I’m 66 and moved from daybrook to Arnold when I was about 8 I think, I went to the old kingswell road school and then Robert mellors, must have left there in 1962 to work at Bridge Garage in Daybrook, my father owned Daybrook Bridge motorcycles and bought Bridge Garage off Wilf.Towers, I have fond memories of Wilf. too. I left Arnold in 1968 and prefer to remember it how it was, does anyone remember the fields down greendale road which is off sandfield road.

      Robert Ball june 2013

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